chamblee’s antique row

Even if you’re not in love with all things retro, vintage, and antique, your curiosity is bound to be piqued at Chamblee’s antique row. Just off of Buford Highway, you’ll find a small street filled with shops that are full to the brim of random and not-so-random trinkets, furniture, and ephemera. Some spots look like a hoarder’s paradise and others look like movie prop warehouses.


Browsing all of these stalls, it’s easy to forget you’re in Atlanta. 


Our two finds of the day? Ben’s was a Keith Haring patterned tie, NO-BRAINER, and mine was two of these (mother of pearl? mixed media? whatever.) awesome necklaces for $2.


Where are your favorite places to go antique hunting in Atlanta? Still on my to-do list is Scott’s. I know that’ll be a doozy! No matter how full my house is with random crap, I will always enjoy looking at secondhand shops. I guess maybe it’s because there’s a bit of a treasure hunter in me. I like to discover beauty among old and discarded things.

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